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Paid Surveys-top paid surveys

Hundreds and thousands of people across the globe are making money simply by filling out online paid surveys in the comfort of their homes, participating in focus groups or having dinner at the best restaurants and getting paid for it or getting paid to watch a movie which is not even in theaters.
Does this Sounds Like A Joke!!! Isn't it?
Absolutely Not!
In the eighties companies were hiring employees to go and fill out surveys. They were having a hard time meeting their expenses and paying for their employees and insurance and travel allowances, etc.
Then came the Internet boom. The so called "The Internet Revolution" and these companies put their whole project online, where they could send surveys to the right people and get the response on time by email without
hiring any employees to actually go and get the surveys filled out. During the Internet revolution many marketing companies came up and put their projects online.
These companies are ready to pay anywhere from $10 to $150 per hour for filling out their online surveys, participating in focus groups, sending out movie tickets and paying by Paypal for your time spent or sending gift
cards for the best food chains and paying for the travel time, too.
The bottom line is, there are thousands of companies that are spending BILLIONS of dollars on marketing and research and these companies want to know your true opinion. This is how they get so successful; giving out
samples in different areas they come to know what will be the response of a particular product and then act accordingly and recover all the marketing money they spent. This is the safest way of testing the products on
the market.

How to Get Started
First of all, register with any of these Top 6 survey sites! they have compiled
hundreds of Survey websites in their databases and keep them current and
Getting started is very simple. All you need is a PC with Internet connection and an email account. Maybe some coffee too, to keep you awake.
Once you have signed-up, you will be given access to a members area that
includes advice on using the service, tools to help you sign-up with the market
research companies, and most important. The Database of companies are
seeking willing participants for surveys, focus groups, to preview movie trailers and try out new products.
You can choose which surveys to do instantly and register yourself, in companies you think are best for you...
It is as simple as that!
The more companies you signup with... the more surveys will be mailed to you. You can accept or reject the surveys coming to you. You are the boss!
The following table provides an easy reference chart for comparing the important features of the Internet survey websites that offer Paid Surveys. More detailed information on each of these is contained below the table; just
follow the links.
Top 6 Survey Sites Surveys Focus Groups Companies Listed Money Back Guarantee Membership Fees (one time)
Survey-Platinum $4 to $130 $50 to $350 400 90 Days $34.95
Survey Scout $5 to $120 $50 to $250 400 90 Days $34.95
Get Cash For Surveys $10 to $99 $30 to $200 350 90 Days $37.00
Profit Surveys $5 to $100 $20 to $175 275 90 Days $34.95
Paid Surveys Online $10 to $75 $50 to $200 320 90 Days $34.97
Rewarded $2 to $35 $10 to $90 200 30 Days $29.95
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